I woke up randomly in the middle of the night, just freezing. I was barely conscious, so I didn’t give it a second thought. Cue the alarm going off for work: Yup. I’m still cold. Really cold. So, I check the temperature. 13 degrees Celsius. Not terrible, but certainly not great. Especially given that it’s […]

What’s orange and likes to gnaw on my face? This guy. The good news is that this likely means his mouth has healed from the teeth extraction. All the better to gnaw with. >

Previously, I was what you’d call an irregular smoker. I know that concept is usually linked to phrases like “I’m a social smoker,” or “I only ever smoke when I drink,” and they generally are ways of making yourself sound like you smoke far less than you do. In all honesty though, I would smoke […]

A week ago I learned that cats have 32 teeth. Unfortunately, I learned this because one of our cats (Monster) had abscesses resulting in the removal of three teeth. He is also sporting a fancy new haircut. One side for the blood tests, the other for the IV. The little guy has been a trooper, […]

While outside today, I wound up being surrounded by probably a dozen curious honeybees. At first, I was a bit surprised by it; at 10 C, today feels very much like Spring, but the risk of freezing temperatures can realistically last until early May in Calgary. I don’t recall having seen honeybees out this early […]

When I was a kid, I loved singing. Music has always played a big part in my life in general, but I would always belt along with whatever happened to be playing when I was little. This was true until one day, my mother made a comment along the lines me not being able to […]

Remember the pumpkins? Yeah. Still dealing with them. To date, I have made 84 pumpkin tarts and a pie, and I still have about half of a pumpkin left to turn into filling. On the bright side, this takes care of a large portion of my holiday baking…