Random Discovery of the Day: Honeybees in March

While outside today, I wound up being surrounded by probably a dozen curious honeybees. At first, I was a bit surprised by it; at 10 C, today feels very much like Spring, but the risk of freezing temperatures can realistically last until early May in Calgary.

I don’t recall having seen honeybees out this early before, and was admittedly a bit concerned. Are they confused by the nice weather and are trying to find pollen sources that don’t yet exist? Since they’re out, it’s likely that they’ll do that, too. As it turns out though, honeybees actually leave the hive on nice days to, well, poop. Yup. Honeybees are very clean creatures, and won’t relieve themselves in the hive. They’ll also take time to remove the dearly departed. (More info here.)

I was being checked out by a group of pooping honeybees.


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