It’s fall, which of course means that it’s pumpkin overload time. The problem with most of the pumpkin-flavoured concoctions is that the recipes generally call for canned pumpkin, or the pre-made items have “pumpkin flavour.” As it turns out, cooking with pumpkin (the actual large orange type) is pretty simple.

I decided to make the classic pumpkin treat: Pumpkin pie filling.

I picked up two pumpkins before Halloween, which worked out to about 20 pounds. I scooped out the pumpkin guts, of course saving the seeds for later, and cut the pumpkins in half. I roasted them, one at a time, skin side up for an hour at 350 F. Make sure to put about a half-inch of water into the pan.


When done, let the pumpkin cool for awhile and peel the skin off.Then, cut the pumpkin into chunks, and puree the chunks until smooth. Place this into a large bowl.


I had about five cups of pureed pumpkin from one pumpkin. To this I added one cup of sugar, two teaspoons of cinnamon, one teaspoon of nutmeg, a small splash of vanilla extract, one 300 millilitre can of condensed milk, and four eggs. Mix this well. It will be quite runny, but don’t worry about that.

Now comes the decision about whether you want pie, or tarts. It’s a hard decision, trust me. I chose tarts. And I may have cheated a bit; I definitely got pre-made tart shells.


Fill the shells with the mixture, almost to the top. Put the shells on a cookie sheet, and bake them for one hour or a bit longer until golden brown.


When they’re finished, you’ll have something like this:


Let cool, and enjoy!

I should note that I had about four cups of filling left over after making 24 tarts.


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