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Random Discovery of the Day: Pie Filling

Remember the pumpkins? Yeah. Still dealing with them. To date, I have made 84 pumpkin tarts and a pie, and I still have about half of a pumpkin left to turn into filling. On the bright side, this takes care of a large portion of my holiday baking… Advertisements

Pumpkins, the Sequel.

With pumpkins come seeds. Lots of them. Naturally, my only course of action is to roast them. The first step is to rinse them to get the pumpkin guts off, and then lay them out flat on a dish towel to dry overnight. In theory, the next step shouldn’t happen for another eight or so […]


It’s fall, which of course means that it’s pumpkin overload time. The problem with most of the pumpkin-flavoured concoctions is that the recipes generally call for canned pumpkin, or the pre-made items have “pumpkin flavour.” As it turns out, cooking with pumpkin (the actual large orange type) is pretty simple. I decided to make the […]