My dad grew up on a farm that was just about spitting distance from the American boarder. My grandfather was a baseball-loving wheat farmer, with cameos by the occasional cow or chicken.

After my grandfather passed away, the entire farm wound up getting sold to a neighbouring farmer. At least that’s what my dad had thought until a few years ago. As it turns out, my grandmother sold all but 0.12 acres.

For those unfamiliar with how the acre works as a unit of measurement, this works out to about 485 square metres, roughly 5,227 square feet, or just about the size of an average city lot.

This land is technically still in my grandfather’s name, and my dad has been paying the property tax on it since he found out about it. He has mused about the idea of putting a small cabin on this land in the past, but hasn’t been able to have this come to fruition.

I think it’s a great idea, and would love to someday help him with this. I’ve been looking into ideas like shipping container homes, as it would be fairly inexpensive to get a small one fixed up and transported out there. Ideally, we could toss some solar panels on top for whatever electricity would be needed, which would just leave the issue of plumbing to be worried about. (Or well and outhouse, as the case may be…)

In the meanwhile, I would love for my dad and I to go down and plant some apple trees, berry bushes, rhubarb plants… Anything that will survive minimal care and attention but would allow us some delicious return.


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