Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Harvest of a Kitchen Garden

Frost hit at the end of September this year, which means I had to pull the fruits vegetables of my labour a tad earlier than I would have liked (although later would be nearly impossible in this climate, which just means I should have started my plants earlier…). At any rate, I had much better […]


My dad grew up on a farm that was just about spitting distance from the American boarder. My grandfather was a baseball-loving wheat farmer, with cameos by the occasional cow or chicken. After my grandfather passed away, the entire farm wound up getting sold to a neighbouring farmer. At least that’s what my dad had […]

Curly-Rooted Devils

I suppose the argument could be made that having your wisdom teeth extracted is a rite of passage of sorts. A painful, swelling, terrible one, but a rite of passage nonetheless. I had my wisdom teeth (thankfully, I only had three) removed three days ago, and in doing so, I’ve discovered five things: 1) Sedation […]