The Beginnings of a Kitchen Garden.

Last spring, I attempted to start a kitchen garden outside of my back door, but due to a number of assorted issues, let’s just say that it didn’t really pan out. The soil was sad, my seeds were older than they should have been, things were planted later than they needed to be… so, yeah. Total disaster.

And let’s not talk about my original try at edging off the plot.


Okay. Let’s. Terrible, right? I had no bricks or stones, so had to settle for scrap lumber from around the yard. Even my supportive, darling wife thought it was an eyesore. Because it was. Seriously. Look at it.

So, then I had the bright(?) idea to replace the terrible, mismatched boards with broken patio stones. It was an improvement, but still, not great.


Later in the fall, a friend from work offered us some bricks that she had to remove from around her place as the condo board decided that they couldn’t be there. Fortunate for us, not so fortunate for her.

I added some new soil, peat moss, and wood ash (for potassium) to the soil, and mixed everything so that things are (hopefully) more successful this year.


Once that was all taken care of, I dug a trench along the edge of the plot and put in the bricks.


Far more permanent, and I (and the darling wife) think it looks pretty sharp. As a happy bonus, the plot is much larger than last year. Now, I just need to plant the seedlings and all will be (hopefully) well!


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