Random Discovery of the Day: Soy Cheese.

Soy “cheese” slices taste almost identical to Kraft processed cheese slices. Well, at least how I remember them tasting, since it’s been probably 10 years since I’ve had them.

soycheeseI especially like that they’re “Canadian flavoured.” I briefly considered gnawing on my arm to perform a true taste-test.

I suppose I should explain how I’ve come to be in possession of soy cheese: Last weekend, the darling wife and I watched a documentary called Vegucated, which was quite interesting, and featured a part on the treatment of animals at your average factory farm and processing plant. So, we’re off meat, and she’s gone vegan.

I’m fairly adventurous when it comes to food, so I figured that I would experiment with some of the mock products that we haven’t tried before to see if they’re something the darling wife would like. In regards to soy cheese, I decided to start with the individually wrapped slices as my expectations of the actual cheese variety are pretty low. This way, if they wound up being horrific, I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed. As it turns out, they’re not bad at all.


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