Whole Wheat Crock Pot Bread.

I like baking, but I’ve discovered that I’m pretty horrid at making bread (banana bread doesn’t count). I wouldn’t be hugely upset about this, except for the fact that one of my grandfathers was a baker, specialising in – you guessed it – bread. So, I was disheartened, to say the least.

Recently I heard about crock pot bread, and how brilliantly simple it was to make. I decided to give it a shot, and tried honey whole wheat crock pot bread. All you need is whole wheat flour, dry active yeast, vegetable oil, milk, and honey.


Start by heating up two cups of milk in a small pot. It shouldn’t be hot; just warm. While this is happening, combine a quarter of a cup of honey (I used raw, as usual) with two tablespoons of vegetable oil (canola for me), and one packet of active dry yeast – about eight ounces.


Place about a half cup of water into your crock pot, and preheat it on high. Grease a smaller ovenproof container that will fit into your crock pot. If you’re cool like me, you can use the inside of a smaller crock pot.

Once the milk has warmed, pour it into the bowl and mix until the honey dissolves. Add two cups of flour and mix until smooth, then another two cups and mix.


Place the dough into your baking container, smooth the dough down, and let sit for about five minutes.


Now, place the baking container into the crock pot, cover with the lid, and let it bake for three hours on high.


Here’s the bread after baking for one hour (bear in mind that you’re generally not supposed to remove the lid of your crock pot while cooking):


After two hours:


And after three:


Turn the crock pot off, and let the bread sit for awhile. When it’s a bit cooler, remove it from the container, and voila!


I’m happy to report that it’s actually pretty tasty.


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