Monthly Archives: January 2013

Random Discovery of the Day: Pepperjack Style Shreds

It was random food-adventure day again. This time it was “pepperjack style shreds,” which are non-cheese cheese shreds. They’re interesting. They’re not bad, but they are not at all cheese-like. Not in appearance. Not in taste. And the texture is more like… polenta? But again, not bad. They melt pretty well. Just not in a […]

Dairy vs. Soy.

The other evening at work, the darling wife got into a discussion about “the evils of soy.” (Cue scary music.) The fellow she was having the discussion with is what could be called anti-anything-that-doesn’t-contain-meat-and-cheese, which is clearly a technical phrase. I believe that a person’s diet is their own choice, and they can consume whatever […]

Random Discovery of the Day: Soy Cheese.

Soy “cheese” slices taste almost identical to Kraft processed cheese slices. Well, at least how I remember them tasting, since it’s been probably 10 years since I’ve had them. I especially like that they’re “Canadian flavoured.” I briefly considered gnawing on my arm to perform a true taste-test. I suppose I should explain how I’ve […]

Barbecue Sauce.

I like barbecue sauces. My biggest issue with them, however, is the slew of mystery ingredients and amount of sugar in the majority of them, so I decided to examine one that I had used in the past. Well, that was a bit scary. Sugar was the main ingredient, along with hearty helpings of both […]

Whole Wheat Crock Pot Bread.

I like baking, but I’ve discovered that I’m pretty horrid at making bread (banana bread doesn’t count). I wouldn’t be hugely upset about this, except for the fact that one of my grandfathers was a baker, specialising in – you guessed it – bread. So, I was disheartened, to say the least. Recently I heard […]