Christmas Prep.

The darling wife and I have decided to make as many of our gifts for this Christmas as possible, which has actually been quite a lot of fun.

She’s been crocheting and podging, and I’ve been building, baking, and mixing. We’ve also made bows (out of a map), small gift bags (out of old posters), and large ones (just by stenciling onto bags we had already).


I’ve made oatmeal cookies (dark chocolate, walnuts and cranberries, and white chocolate, almonds and blueberries), gingerbread cookies, miniature pumpkin pies, and chocolates (filled with peanut butter, pumpkin seed butter, or hazelnut/almond butter), as well as tiny bird feeders.



I’m building a cat stand (hey, those things are bloody expensive!), and something else for the darling wife (can’t say what yet, though). Heck, I even made a wreath for our front door!


All-in-all, things are going well! Oh yeah, here’s our tree…



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    My wife is extraordinary!

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