Monthly Archives: December 2012

Making Pasta.

Something I’ve always been curious to try is making pasta from scratch. I’ve always been nervous because I thought it would be difficult, which I now attribute to the cost of pre-made pasta and the small novel of ingredients listed on the package. It turns out, it’s incredibly easy. All you really need is flour […]

Merry Christmas!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic day with your loved ones! The darling wife and I are having a nice quiet day at home. We opened our gifts, and she made crocheted ornaments and slippers. Here’s the mystery object that I made for the darling wife… And French toast and bacon for brunch. Later, I’ll […]

Potato Bacon Soup.

It’s Christmas Eve, and it’s cold. Really cold. Twenty-six degrees below Celsius cold. While this is hardly surprising for Alberta, it’s certainly still unpleasant. So, I figured a hearty, stick-to-your-ribs dinner would be welcome for the darling wife and I. Enter potato bacon soup. It’s a pretty simple recipe, using potatoes (really?), bacon (no way!), […]

Christmas Prep.

The darling wife and I have decided to make as many of our gifts for this Christmas as possible, which has actually been quite a lot of fun. She’s been crocheting and podging, and I’ve been building, baking, and mixing. We’ve also made bows (out of a map), small gift bags (out of old posters), […]