A Tiny Composter.

I decided to make a tiny composter to tide me over until I can afford a big one. All I used was a small plastic storage container, which cost me a whopping $6.00.

Because I’m super high-tech, I used a Phillips-head screw driver to punch holes into the container; the holes were one to two inches apart, and all over the sides and bottom of the container.

Next, I shredded up a bunch of paper (nothing glossy; just regular plain paper, and newspaper), and used that as my bottom layer.

Next came a couple of shovels of soil from the yard as the next layer.

And then the sad fruit and veggies from my kitchen, as well as any leaves or grass clippings from yard work.

I put down some broken patio stones to elevate the composter. The key is to have as much aeration as possible to encourage decomposition. The composter is now living by my fence just outside of the yard.

The more “green” content you add (organic matter), the more “brown” content you’ll need to add (paper). So, it won’t hold a ton of compost, but it will do until I have something bigger.


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