Monthly Archives: September 2012

A Tiny Composter.

I decided to make a tiny composter to tide me over until I can afford a big one. All I used was a small plastic storage container, which cost me a whopping $6.00. Because I’m super high-tech, I used a Phillips-head screw driver to punch holes into the container; the holes were one to two […]

The Great Crabapple Adventure, Part 2.

After finishing up the crabapple jelly, I started on crabapple sauce, which is insanely simple. I quartered and cored 50 (yep, really) crabapples, and tossed them into a pot. No water needed to be added, as the apples will produce lots of liquid. Put the pot on medium heat until there is enough liquid to […]

The Great Crabapple Adventure, Part 1.

I started to deal with the crabapples from my friend today. The first step was sorting out the bad ones and rinsing everything… Filled up one side of my sink with cool water to clean them. Once they were rinsed off, I had to figure out what I was making… Easier said than done, especially […]


Lots of them. A friend dropped off a large tub for us today. Looks like I’m figuring out applesauce tomorrow!

Cream of Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup.

So, it’s been awhile. I decided to make soup again to help rectify the lack of posting! (And because I like soup, of course.) I made cream of cauliflower and broccoli soup, using cauliflower and broccoli (go figure), onion, vegetable broth, parsley, coconut flour, and cream. After chopping up the onions, throw them into your […]