Unfinished Thoughts.

I was going through my phone, and found this from July…

I was sitting in my “reading chair”, on page 158 when it struck me.

One cat was asleep on the rug at my feet, the other curled up in the matching Poang at the far end of the living room, and my soon-to-be wife was napping on the sofa. I was listening to the sounds of early rush hour traffic and the wind rustling the leaves of the trees in our backyard. It was a perfect, lazy Monday afternoon (we worked Tuesday through Saturday at this point) in late July. I was reading “The 100-Mile Diet”, one of many books I had devoured about food and the politics thereof. This is when the idea that had been waiting patiently at the edge of my mind finally took the leap.

If we, as a species can find a way to fix food, perhaps we can heal society.


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