Tuesday Farmers’ Market.

Every Tuesday during the summer, there is a farmers’ market at a nearby mall (the Northland Grassroots Market). I kept forgetting to go (or remembering too late), but today – as luck would have it – the darling wife and I happened to be at the mall running errands.

Because she’s so wonderful, she let me wander over to the market while she finished the errands (she’s fantastic like that).

It’s a small, friendly, open-air market made up of local growers, butchers, and bakers (but alas, no candle-stick makers).

I wound up running into a good friend who is baking with Twisted Basil; he also has a small company on the side, selling knitting and crocheting projects, and artwork. It was a nice surprise, and I believe he’s there every Tuesday.

I wound up with quite a haul, almost all from Alberta growers; the apples are the exception, coming from the interior of BC.


I was also happy to find cookies from Lakeview Bakery, another awesome local company.


I know… Not quite paleo, but I couldn’t resist. We’ll be eating well this week!

Five days to the wedding. We got our rings yesterday. Things are coming together splendidly!


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