The Sugar Detox.

Recently, the darling wife and I have been working on improving our health – we’ve joined a gym, started eating a better diet, been trying to get more sleep, and so on. The latest on the health-kick is a 21-day sugar detox. What does this entail? In short, no sugar, no sweeteners, no bread, no pasta, no alcohol, and pretty much no fruit, unless you particularly care for slightly solid, not-quite-ripe bananas. (Hm. Tempting.)

For the most part, this doesn’t seem terrible to me. I’ll miss toast (as I’m a firm believer that toast cures everything), and the Beer List will be paused, but it’s only for three weeks. Otherwise, I don’t tend to be a fan of very many sweet things. Chocolate, yes. Cinnamon buns, yes. But beyond those, I could really take it or leave it (sugar, that is). No big deal, right? I can do this, right? Right?

But wait! The darling wife has dropped a bombshell! According to the all-powerful guide of foods for this detox, something rather near and dear to me has been listed as a dreaded “no”; coffee. Coffee? Coffee?! But, but why? I drink my coffee sans sugar, or faux-sugar. I only every have it with cream, or black. How could this be?

I’m sure the minor panic will subside, as, again, it’s only three weeks. I am going to research this more though. And not just because I love my coffee; I just plum don’t understand why coffee without anything sweet would be on the list.

If you are interested in finding out more about our sugar detox adventures, the darling wife will also be blogging about it. In fact, she’s already done her introduction for it.

Last beer list update for three weeks:

Brouwerij Liefmans (1):

– Fruitesse

As a quick note about this beer, it was listed only as “Liefmans”, so I had no idea that it was a fruit beer. Turns out it had cherry and raspberry (among other things) in it, and was actually quite delightful. Other than Wild Rose’s Wraspberry Ale, I’m usually not a huge fan of fruit beer, so this was a very pleasant surprise! 53 down, 247 to go…


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