Happy 732nd Day.

Yesterday marked the second anniversary for the darling wife and I, and the last of our official June anniversary date (as we’re getting married in a few weeks). I attempted to surprise her by leaving messages on our back walkway in chalk… turns out she saw me writing the messages from inside. So, slight fail in the surprise department, but it made her smile, which is what I was hoping for. Here is the series of the messages (last photo’s a bit dark due to the rather large sun ray shining on it…):

Went to The Kilkenny  for dinner and a drink (beer, of course). Had Granville Island’s Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale (SO good!):

And the mini Yorkies, which are one of the darling wife’s favourites:

Had a nice relaxing time. We were getting ready to leave, when my boss’s boss’s boss’s boss (yup – that’s four) and his wife showed up, told us he’d bought our dinner, and sat down to have a beer and chat with us for about 30 minutes. Very cool, very nice guy.

Two other beers to add to the list, which (with the above) brings me to 52/300…

Anchor Steam (1):

– Liberty Ale

Cosmo (1):

– Chang


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    I love my soon-to-be wife — ❤

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