Monthly Archives: July 2012

Coconut Flour Crepes.

It dawned on me after the jam-making adventure yesterday, that if regular bread products are a no-go for the darling wife with the paleo diet, jam consumption is going to be a tad on the difficult side… So naturally, I’m going to experiment with coconut flour baking and cooking in general. Which could be interesting […]

Little Suzy Homesteader.

I have a book called The Urban Homestead (by Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen), and it talks about all of the things that we used to do ourselves at home but now pay other people to do for us – growing vegetables in your garden, starting your own compost, ways to collect rainwater, how to […]

Plum Sauce and Coconut Breaded Chicken Strips.

The darling wife has decided to try out the paleo diet (also known as the “caveman diet”, which I rather enjoy). Long story short, it is meant to get you eating how our ancestors ate, so no dairy, refined sugar, or grains. If you are interested in following her progress with this, her blog is […]

The Sugar Detox.

Recently, the darling wife and I have been working on improving our health – we’ve joined a gym, started eating a better diet, been trying to get more sleep, and so on. The latest on the health-kick is a 21-day sugar detox. What does this entail? In short, no sugar, no sweeteners, no bread, no […]

Happy 732nd Day.

Yesterday marked the second anniversary for the darling wife and I, and the last of our official June anniversary date (as we’re getting married in a few weeks). I attempted to surprise her by leaving messages on our back walkway in chalk… turns out she saw me writing the messages from inside. So, slight fail […]