A few weeks ago, the darling wife and I went to the Lilac Festival (a large street festival featuring all sorts of vendors, food trucks, and many, many people); while there, we stumbled across a vendor selling cheese making kits. While generally not a hugely adventurous person, when it comes to food, I’m willing to give most things a shot. So, I decided to buy the cheese kit (from Make Cheese Inc.) for mozzarella. Tonight, I decided to test it out. (Warning: If things like milk curds are not your thing, I would probably NOT look at the pictures…)

This is the kit:

This is after starting to heat the milk, and adding the citric acid and the rennet. You have to cut the curd that appears into cubes to help it form and set properly:

The cubes start to become more defined once you heat up the pot more:

Now you have to scoop the curds out of the whey and let the whey drain out of them. Once this is done, you have to take the curds and divide them into three, and then form then into balls:

At this point, you have to heat the whey back up so that you can dunk the curd ball  back into the whey to help it turn into cheese:

Once this has been done a couple of times, kneed the remaining whey out and form the cheese into balls:

At this point, I just have to put them in the fridge, remain optimistic, and see (taste?) how they turn out. Hopefully well. Either way, I have officially made cheese!


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