The Beer Challenge.

I like beer. A lot, actually. Ambers, pilsners, dark ales, lagers… you name it, and I’ll give it a shot. Last night, the darling wife and I went out to the Craft Beer Market (check them out here), which has something in the neighbourhood of 100 beers on tap at any given time.

There is huge room full of nothing but kegs and pipes…

…which all run to the bar.

It was pretty fantastic, and started me thinking: While I’ve tried a pretty decent number of beers in the five years I’ve been legal to drink it, this is really only the tip of the iceberg. So, I’ve decided to challenge myself; the challenge is to have tried 300 different beers by the time I’m 30. Currently, I’m at 45, which leaves me with 255 left to go.

Here is the list so far, which includes the good, the bad, and the downright atrocious:

Wild Rose (9):
– WRaspberry Ale
– Velvet Fog
– Brown Ale
– Royal 100
– WRed Wheat Ale
– Saison
– Altbier

Granville Island (4):
– Lions Winter Ale
– English Bay Pale Ale
– Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale
– Robson Street Hefeweizen

Okanagan Spring (4):
– Hopped
– Pale Ale
– 1516
– Brewmaster

Yukon (1):
– Yukon Red

Lucky Drink Co. (1):
– Lucky Beer

Stiegl (1):

Tree (1):
– Cutthroat

Kirin (1):
– Kirin Lager Beer

Guinness (1):
– Kilkenny Irish

Brauerei Lowenbrau (1):
– Lowenbrau Lager

Alexander Keith’s (3):
– Red Amber Ale
– Premium White

Heineken International (1):
– Heineken Lager

Mill Street (1):
– Organic Lager

Steam Whistle (1):
– Pilsner

Rickard’s (2):
– Red
– White

Kokanee (2):
– Glacier Beer
– Gold

Sleeman (2):
– Honey Brown
– Cream Ale

Big Rock (6):
– Grasshopper
– Traditional
– Lime
– Warthog
– Honey Brown
– Alberta Genuine Draft

Anchor (1):
– Anchor Steam

Budweiser (1)

Minhas Craft (1):
– Clear Creek Ice

With 255 beers, and seven years left to go, I’m looking at 36.4 new beers a year, or 3.03 new beers each month. It may seem like a bit of a slow go, but I’m okay with that, especially considering I’ve averaged a whopping 9 per year up to this point… Beer is one of those things that I’m happy to savour.


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