Monthly Archives: June 2012

Three New and One Forgotten.

Just an update to the Beer Challenge. I have three new beers to add, and one that I had forgotten trying in the past. The new… Paddock Wood (1): – Red Hammer Boon Rawd (1): – Singha Latrobe (1): – Rolling Rock The forgotten, which I had a few months ago when the darling wife […]


A few weeks ago, the darling wife and I went to the Lilac Festival (a large street festival featuring all sorts of vendors, food trucks, and many, many people); while there, we stumbled across a vendor selling cheese making kits. While generally not a hugely adventurous person, when it comes to food, I’m willing to […]

The Beer Challenge.

I like beer. A lot, actually. Ambers, pilsners, dark ales, lagers… you name it, and I’ll give it a shot. Last night, the darling wife and I went out to the Craft Beer Market (check them out here), which has something in the neighbourhood of 100 beers on tap at any given time. There is […]