Despite living in Calgary for most of my life, I had never been to the Lions’ Festival of Lights, which is a traditional staple in the city. I finally took the time to wander through a couple of weeks ago, on a rather brisk night. It’s kind of incredible to see some of the displays […]

This. Winterlong, by a band called Whitehorse. Also appropriate, as it’s┬árather wintry here. That is all.

The darling wife has a recurring Monday evening commitment, and so I have begun a recurring Monday evening adventure to pass the time until she’s done. By “adventure,” I mean I randomly wander throughout this particular area of the city. I fully appreciate that this might not sound like an adventure to some, but it […]

On Thursday, I was wearing shorts. Today, this is what it looks like outside: Yup.

I forget how much I actually enjoy the rain until I hear the sound of it falling on my roof. That is all.

I have a theory about the actual first day of Spring in Alberta: It isn’t the Spring Equinox in March as the calendar would have you believe – it’s the day you see your first robin of the year. For me, today is officially Spring, as evidenced by the four robins in my backyard. So, […]

So, my car has started making a terrible death whinny of a squealing noise, which means I’m not driving it this week. (Cheaper to fix things that aren’t quite broken yet, and all.) I decided to walk to pick up dinner for the darling wife and I. A bit brisk, but still nice. Despite having […]